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Alfred's Food-Tech recognitions


Next innovative move competition Finals in the food industry by Tnuva and Calcalist


The next innovative move competition in the food industry of Tnuva and Calcalist is reaching the final stage, and out of dozens of start-up companies that submitted applications, 11 contestants were selected.

The variety of companies that have reached the finals testifies to the growing dominance of the food tech industry in the local high-tech industry, and reflects the impact that technologies in the field have on the future of the world.

Alfred's Food-Tech in the news


Plant-based startup develops whole-muscle products

Using what it calls a “whole-cut texturization” platform to manufacture plant-based foods designed to imitate the taste of animal-based meat products, Alfred’s FoodTech Ltd. announced it has produced prototypes of a deli meat line as well as a chicken nugget meat alternative. 


This Startup Helps Brands Make Realistic Whole-Cut Vegan Meat

Based in Israel, Alfred’s FoodTech has developed a new production platform dedicated to manufacturing whole-cut meat alternatives. Using protein layering and nutrient embedding technology, the company says that its platform can make tailored whole-cut vegan meat alternatives with the same fibrous texture as the real deal. 


Meet the B2B start-up innovating plant-based whole cuts and cultivated hybrids

A new platform for whole-cut texturization to produce plant-based meat alternatives and cell-based hybrids has been developed by Israeli firm Alfred’s FoodTech, Ltd.

Alfred's FoodTech on the morning show - Reshet 13


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