Slicing Ham


Protein Layering And Nutrient Embedding Technology.

There are 3 main elements that create the Triangle of Scalability:

1. Taste & Texture - if it isn’t tasty, no one will eat it on a large scale.

2. Availability

3. Affordability

Alfred’s has come up with a new platform that addresses all three elements:
P.L.A.N.E.T. Tech - Protein Layering And Nutrient Embedding Technology.

This platform is versatile; you can use the same production line for various products:
one day chicken, the second day salmon, and the third day yellow cheese.

We can use cell-based products and fermented ingredients in our process and can combine whole-cut texturization with the unique tastes of cultured meat and fermented ingredients.


Animal-like products

We will provide technological licenses to create novel products, enabling food manufacturers an unlimited variety of tailor-made animal-like products,

such as:

Poultry  - Meat - Fish - Cheese