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that’s a lot
of P’s!


Alfred's Patented Plant-Power Protein Platform delivers new Plant-based Products for our partners in the food industry.

PLANET products are extremely versatile yet always share the quality attributes of hearty flavors, rich mouthfeel, and better nutritional profile.

so tasty

First-of-its-kind Platform 

alfred's innovative platform empowers 100% plant-based
food that is EVERYDAY BETTER for its flavor, texture, and functionality. All while, standing out for being affordable, scalable, available, adaptable, and sustainable.

Cleaner label

A shorter list of off-the-shelf ingredients that deliver every tasty experience.

High in protein

Packed with double-digit high-quality proteins with no effect on taste.

Faster Time-to-Market

No regulatory obstacles. Plus, ready-to-market products and superior tech.

 Large-Scale ProductioN

Proven production technology and available equipment that is readily scalable.

Cost-Effective Products

Better products, now for affordable prices. Try us, we will surprise you!

made from plants.

At Alfred’s, we do what we’re passionate about: applying innovation and expertise to deliver delicious new products

What’s unique about
PLANET          platform?


The platform masks undesirable flavors and aftertaste,

creating opportunities for a wide range of tasty plant-
based products.


The technology allows for exceptionally high protein
content in every product.


The technology powers a highly versatile range of plant-
based products as we continue to develop new applications.


PLANET is smart and safe, and we’re incredibly proud of
And genuinely excited. Because the platform empowers
us to do what we truly care about:

benefiting our partners and the planet.


We are alfred’s

fUN fACT: Did you know that the inspiration
behind alfred’s is a lifelong meat lover?

The late Alfred Reinberg was a meat producer
in Buenos Aires 70 years ago. Today, his
grandson honors his name and legacy with a
modern twist that remains true to the idea of
good, hearty food, yet in a whole new way.            

No one else has the PLANET
tech and capabilities! 

With PLANET we deliver what customers desire:
Crave-worthy flavors, vegan plant nutrition, off-the-shelf
ingredients, proven technology, cleaner labels, and ready-to-market products.

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