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Everything you want to know

About Alfred's Food-Tech

  • What components do you use in the process?
    Various well known plant-based ingredients.
  • Can you make a hybrid product?
    Yes, we can incorporate animal based ingredients such as cultured meat componenets and animal proteins to enhance the flavor, thus creating animal like whole cut texture and taste.
  • Do you use in your process extrusion or 3D printing?
    No, we do not use extruders or 3D printing.
  • How much proteins are in the product?
    The technology allows a relatively high load of protein without interfering with the taste or texture.
  • Do you use fermantation?
    No, we do not use fermentation in our process. However, we can use fermentation-based ingredients in our formulations.
  • How much will the final product cost?
    The same as animal-based equivalent products. All our ingredients are plant-based, there are no special components and complicated technological machinery.
  • Where can we taste the product?
    You are welcome to contact us at to schedule a tasting.
  • What kind of products can be manufactured by Alfred's Tech?
    Any product with continuous structure. Our technology can mimic the texture of Yellow cheese, poultry ,fish, cold cuts, and beef.
  • Where can we buy the products?
    We are not a brand company. We are a technology platform company and soon will be offering our technology to food producers to use our technology to create their own unique whole cut products.
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