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  • What ingredients do you use for your food products?
    We use plant-based ingredients that consumers know and trust.
  • Do you use extrusion or 3D printing?
    No, we do not use extrusion or 3D printing. In fact, we use a first-of-its-kind technology that is new to the plant-based world. We call it PLANET: Protein Layering And Nutrient Embedding Technology.
  • How much protein is in the product?
    The technology allows double-digit protein content without interfering with the taste or texture.
  • Do you use fermentation?
    No, we do not use fermentation in our process. However, we can incorporate fermentation-based ingredients into our formulations.
  • Do your products contain GMOs, hormones or antibiotics?
    No, our products don’t contain GMOs and are hormone- and antibiotic-free.
  • Where can we taste the product?
    Glad you’re asking! You are welcome to contact us at to schedule a tasting.
  • What kind of products can be manufactured by alfred's?
    We excel in product applications requiring a continuous structure. Our technology can mimic the texture of hard cheese, cold cuts, poultry, and more while offering a delicious taste and bite.
  • Where can we try the products?
    We offer new product opportunities. We work with food companies to create custom formulations and use our PLANET platform to produce EVERYDAY BETTER food products. Click this link.
  • Can I invest?
    We look for partners who are committed to our mission. For investor inquiries you can email us here. You are also welcome to join our foodletter to get information and updates.
  • Are your products vegan?
    Yes, we offer great options for everyone. No animal products involved.


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