Slicing Meat



We believe that our new way of thinking about whole-cuts texturization will be the leading technology used to feed the world.

Our Mission-Sustainable, Scalable and Affordable

Alfred’s is on the front lines in changing the Texture of alternative Proteins products.
We are in the age of a new evolution of food production.

This evolution, born by the economics of feeding the world and the movement of repairing the environmental damages, is at the heart of Alfred's vision.

From the 1930's until today, Alfred's has moved from the old world of farming and meat production to the cutting edge of modern sustainable, plant-based food production.

All ingredients are in raw form.
The cost of production is not more expensive than the current one, which makes our products affordable and can cater to new populations, allowing them to eat inexpensive, nutritious, high in protein, chicken, fish, cold cuts, yellow cheese and meat.

About Alfred's

Alfred’s has developed a technology that will help decrease the harm to the plant and its inhabitants, aligned with strong market drivers such as health awareness, lack of farming resources, food safety, ethical considerations, food security and sustainability.


Family Tradition

The late Alfred Reinberg, who’s photo appears on our logo, was a meat producer in Buenos Aires 70 years ago.


Today, his grandson, Ronny, Alfred’s Food-Tech CEO, together with a great team, is continuing the family tradition of meat production, applying modern technologies. 

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salmon with lemons

Our Team